1. Happy New Years 2012
  2. Portrait Painting Of DSP Jamaludeen - Work In Progress
  3. A Quick Drawing Sketch Of Alex And Chenielle
  4. A Cute Chinese Girl
  5. Children And Pets A New Released Of Stamp Post Malaysia
  6. A Painting Of Dato Azizul Rahman - Work In Progress
  7. Happy New Years 2011
  8. Oly Lukis Draw Fazrul Arhan
  9. Fazrul Arhan My Friend! An Artist Of Great Talent - Nice Veloso
  10. Blues Selamanya Illustration
  11. Fazrul Arts New Logo
  12. Uncle Ayah Ngah
  13. Traditional Festive Foods
  14. A Potrait Of Datuk Nasarudin Idris
  15. Datuk Nasarudin Idris Is Appointed President MISC
  16. Parents Birthday Gift Delivered
  17. A Piece Of Portrait And A Poem
  18. Latest Commission - Cover Selangkah Ke Alam Jin
  19. Parents Birthday Gift
  20. Warna Tenaga In Collaboration With Syed Ahmad Jamal At National Art Gallery
  21. Portrait Drawing In 5 Simple Tips
  22. Tabir Damai A Solo Exhibition In NSTP
  23. Fazrul Arts On Spotlights
  24. Birthday Gift
  25. Ramunia Chairman
  26. Tan Sri Hassan Marican On His Farewell Day
  27. Portrait Photography In 3 Simple Tips
  28. A Portrait For Commission
  29. A Family Portrait And A Sunday Break
  30. Reverie By Etier The Photographer
  31. Goodbye 2009 & My Last Paintings
  32. Happy New Years 2010
  33. A Million Dotted And Passions In Fraser Hills
  34. A New Look On My Gallery Site
  35. Online Gallery Is Back
  36. FazrulArts Gallery Is Temporary Down
  37. Knowing When To Stop
  38. I Love To Be An Artist,But I Have No Talent
  39. To Commission A Portrait
  40. How Much It Will Cost Me To Commission A Portrait?
  41. How You Become So Exited About Your Arts?
  42. Appreciation & Farewell Lunch
  43. Sentuhan Emas 2008 (Golden Touch 2008)
  44. When Every Minutes Is Count
  45. Give Thanks To The Great Leader 2
  46. Give Thanks To The Great Leader
  47. Sungai Pengkalan Kubor
  48. Calendar Pos Malaysia
  49. In Studio
  50. My Official Blog