Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Portrait Painting Of DSP Jamaludeen - Work In Progress

40% - early stage

A latest commission from ASP Mohd Rosni from malaysian police department,thank you so much! Is only an early stage about 40% and will upload an update on the next morning for sure. A background color will be add soon. Wish mr Rosni can give any suggestion about the color for the background.D

60% -2nd stage

Haven't give any details yet on faces part. I'll work out on it now. The result can be seen by tomorrow morning.D

80% - third stage

Getting closer to complete. I will add the details to the faces and clothes soon.


  1. Salam..Hw about light blue color for the bckground? Maybe, light from the center & darker towards the edge! ASP Mohd Rosni.

  2. @ASP Mohd Rosni
    Yea blue is a perfect color & i will try to blend with some yellowish for the background. I'll update soon. Now is rendering on clothes part and background.D

  3. Is a perfect picture. An artist of great talent! Fazrul, thank you my friend! I was glad and happy with your visit to my blog! You know you are always welcome! The blog is a way for me to always be connected with the world, with people I love so much! Also, to promote my songs, poems, and my ideas of others as well. It is a cultural area with great meaning. For a culture of peace and education. And a sustainable life! A big hug!

    1. Truly enjoy listened to your songs Velo..just can't wait for more..thank you.D

  4. I very much glad to see your pictures fazul.. everything looks nice..
    definitely they will brought your picture on whatever demand you have..! :D