Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Cute Chinese Girl

A quick pencil sketch on paper

Here is another drawing that i did for my friend. The girl is pretty and she always carry a candy on her smile. Her name is... oopsss!! (sorry but i'm not allowed to mention her name?..lol)

Probably about 8.5"x11.5" pencil on paper.


  1. Nice Nice.. siapa nama nya?? inbox me LOL

    Acrylic (Daler Rowney) :p

  2. shes really cute :)
    oh i dont knw mybloglog will discontinue..tq for the info.
    my email lyzaalogan@gmail.com
    see u there!
    and yes!!! i really had a good time..!cannot wait to go again !

  3. @Christopher Lam @Daler Rowney @waliz ☚ Thank you

    @Daler Rowney
    Wondering why you are so curious about her name? haha..is ok,i'll send it to you via facebook if you really want to know it:)

    I guess yahoo sent it to all who have account there. Maybe yours is landed in SPAM folder.

  4. wow!!!!
    she soooooooo cute!!!!
    great job Fazrul!! :)

  5. Seriously,she is cute :) very well done! :D

  6. Stunning,fazrul!
    Yea,she is really cute.

  7. @Amogh @Clifford Lum ☚ Thank you

    I bet her boyfriend will proudly to come here more often when he see all the comments here.D