Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Children And Pets A New Released Of Stamp Post Malaysia

Replica one of my stamp illustration displayed at national museum

I was honored to do three paintings for the 2011 stamp post for post Malaysia, thanks to Hazel Design. This was a fun job to do even though it had many challenges. The stamps was launched and released on last tuesday 18th January 2011 at national museum in Kuala Lumpur.

Scanned from the original first day cover launched on 18th january 2011 at national museum. The rabbits painting on the bottom left painted by Yem my fellow artist friend.

The original paintings will be displayed in one of the museum lobby room till mac 2011 if i'm not mistakeable.  I'll get the original stamps and share it here when I'm able to..As always, thank you for stopping by.

Thanks to Hazel Design Sdn Bhd and the teams for the project. Special thanks to Miss Ana a designer of the project and mr Khir for a great supported.


  1. That is extremely awesome fazrul... keep it up bro!!! respect.
    (Daler rowney)

  2. wow this is awesome man!! doing the stamps for your country,amazing! :)

    Cheers man!

  3. @Daler rowney @Christopher Lam @Amogh ☚ Thank you

    I got another series of stamps post..that is the first time i did ilustration for the stamps. It happenned around six months ago. I would post it here too..soon!

  4. What a wonderful job. Congratulations! I love it. Dear friend! Pretend that this girl is me and this cat is you. With the tenderness of a mother, a big hug.

  5. The whole thing looks like a great idea and I just love the stamps!

  6. wow~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!
    this is awesome!!!!!

  7. @Nice Veloso @Josep @Gladys ☚ Thank you

    @Nice Veloso
    Oohh..that is a big compliment Velo..halloveett

    Does the cat look like your Jandi, Gladys?

  8. great work man..
    love it


  9. i love collecting stamps. will buy this one to add it in my collections.nice work bro :))

  10. @Ali @waliz ☚ Thank you

    Oooh this is a good news,thanks Waliz! I'll post another set of an old post buildings soon. You might want to add it to to your collections too.

  11. My brother will like to collect this. Great work fazrul:)

  12. These are pretty amazing. I'm looking into them now, would be awesome as a collection. Thanks for the share!

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    wow, it's very beautiful

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