Friday, February 26, 2010

Birthday Gift

This is edited with photoshop to give some additional inpact

Another commission job on last week. A birthday gift to his future wife from Fendi..i guess they will get married by end of this year. Am i right Fendi? Congratulation, anyway! Wish good luck to both of you and may it would last forever.

Gorgeous without frame                                                                            Awesome after frammed
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Ramunia Chairman

A simple pencil color on colored paper with a minor work in photoshop CS3.

One of my commission work on last week. A portrait of Dato' Azizul Rahman Abd Samad is a gift on his birthday from his staffs. This is a very rushed project. Due to the time factor, i have made a finished about 20% more in a car since i went out  to deliver the drawing early morning at 6 a.m..just to avoid a traffic jammed.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Tan Sri Hassan Marican On His Farewell Day

A Portrait Of Tan Sri Hassan Marican

A commission from Education Division Petronas as a gift to Tan Sri Hassan Marican on his farewell day.
I received a call from puan Dzalina herself on last saturday evening just 2 days before the event. She offered me to draw a portrait of a special man,a former president and chief executive officer (CEO) of the petronas. This is a last minutes, but of course the answer was definetly yes! Infact,I'm waiting a chance to get commission to draw this great man. Honestly,i'm a big fan of tan sri himself. I admired his contributed bringing up and transforming Petronas into a strong and profitable company that benefited Malaysians in all forms of subsidies, fiscal policies and economic plans. A big hug from me to kak D, who always have faith on me.Thank you kak D.

A phrase from tan sri himself on his thank you note that i really love :
The Global Championship journey will never end - it continues. Remember,if it ends,it will be the beginning of the end.- Tan Sri Hassan Marican

In Petrosains guess room.

Read more about his farewell day at here
Learn more about a drawing and a new released of edited version at here
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Portrait Photography In 3 Simple Tips

Sharp And Clear
You might ask 'What kind of photos do we need to draw or to paint a portrait?'
Our reply will always be 'a good clear photo'.One that truly captures the personality and character of the subject.
Due to us might not being able to meet you in person, we have to work out on photographs, and these are the only way for us to get to know you or the subject.
And now,with the advantages of digital cameras, its easy to take photos as many as you wish in one session...and come out with at least one or two good photos that you feel really capture your portrait.
Since there's no any processing costs involved with digital photography, better to keep snapping away until you are happy with your results. After all you can just delete them if you don't like ! Still,it's free.

Try to use natural lighting when possible.This is very important.If you are unable to take photos outside, taking pictures by a window is the best choice. The more natural light the better.

The painting or drawing you commission will be displayed on the wall at eye level. So it makes much more sense to be looking straight at your portrait eyes. Photos taken from your portrait eye level will help us to produce a painting or drawing that will look perfect.
Still,if you would like to ask for advice,feel free to contact us at any time.We would love to see your photographs and you are welcome to email them to us for our opinion. We look forward to seeing them soon!
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Portrait For Commission

I wish this is a good news for those who are searching for an artist to commission a portrait with a reasonable and affordable price.
Finally, i'm happy to say that we would have this service in fazrularts soon.
As some of you already know, i used to worked in a publishing house as an illustrator.  I made an illustrations for book covers, comics, magazines, movie posters,advertising job and a lot's more. And of course i did a commission portrait jobs for personals, friends and corporates as a part time.
What i found interesting about the part time job is, it gave me some oppurtunity and a turning point in my life.
From the amounts of commission portrait job i had, i learned that people love their face to be portraited. I can see it from the smiled on their faces and responded to my work when we met. Slowly, i gained my loyal customers by the time. Thanks to all.
And now,since i started blogging around 3 months ago, i got a lot of questions from some online readers who asked me either i take a commission job. My answer is 'Yes'.
For those who would like to have a portrait commission,you can now simply let me know by fill in the form and email me with your option choice. We have a variety option to be choose from a different style and a different medium. From drawing to painting. From traditional to digital work. All of it you can find it here in just one place.
For a meantime,wait for the details info about this service soon.
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