Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Family Portrait And A Sunday Break

My sunday break

My sunday work. A family portrait of my very own brother and his wife and two of their childrens.
Daily working and almost 24 hours in studio, I took this as a break for me cause i don't feel like working when i worked on something that i love. It just like having fun for me.
I enjoy rendering the portrait of peoples. Especially if draw someone that i already knew cause it's much easier to catch the persona and their  characters when i meet them live. Anyway, i still have 20% to go to add some color and  the details to complete this..i wish my brother would like it.
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reverie By Etier The Photographer

One of my painting Demi Kasih Demi Sayang was choosen by Etier to be write on his own blog.
I'm impressed. Honestly, i love his brilliant photography works especially in his black and white series. And to have his writing upon my painting is a great honor to me.Thank you Etier.
Here is some part of the articles by him . I believe you will like it as much as i do. Please drop some thought on the post and let me know what is your opinion. Enjoy.

Title : Reverie
Had I been asked to title this work, I would have chosen "Reverie". The setting reminds me of a New Orleans courtyard and the subject appears relaxed enough to be lost in a daydream although the expression could be anger or annoyance as much as contemplation. She is focused on something that we cannot see. I doubt we would have seen it had we been there. This is a mood evoked from the "flash upon that inward eye" of something she clearly sees and feels strongly about. Perhaps she has done something with... read more

FCEtier is a photographer base on Canton, NC of the United States.
More of his work can be seen and purchased here 
Etier's Blog
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