Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Years 2011

Fazrul with his latest painting a portrait figure of Dato' Saimon

You might think that i'm laughing and so happy to wait for a countdown tonight. Actually it is not. Is only i am in a very positive mood because it seems that the painting at my back here is my final work for year 2010. Im quite enjoy painting this and happy with the result.
Well oh yea i still got three mores to be done before end of this year but that is only a color sketches and not much worries cause it just like having mcEgg with black coffee at 9:00a.m with someone lovely? (just kidding).

For all my friends,loyals and hatreds..happy new year all the same. 

Just saying:
Youth is when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. Middle age is when you're forced to.~ Bill Vaughn


  1. Fazrul-that's fabulous. Hard to believe it's a painting, and not a photograph. It's so realistic. I don't know how you do it. If I could draw like that, I'd be walking on air. Have a great New Year's, dear friend. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in 2011.

  2. soooooo nice..!!
    ur art works are magnificent....no doubt w/ that!!!!
    ur one of the best painter I've evr knwn...
    keep up the good work!!!
    <3<3 ~ :)

  3. Its much better than the camera!!!

  4. ^Happy new year^ abg Fazrul. Semoga gembira disamping insan tersayang. Dilla doakan semoga hidup abang Fazrul sentiasa berbahagia.
    p/s Cantik lukisan, semoga terus maju jaya.

    Your EX schoolmate,
    5A3 SMSJ

  5. @nothingprofound @Gladys @Dilla ☚ Thank you

    You are already walked in the air mr Marty..with your great aphorism. And i bet there's no one can deny you.

    Oh don't praise me too much Glady cause is not belonging to me. I'm just a humble person whose sometime got blur where to go,haha

    Gembira dapat bertemu anda di sini Dilla.
    Teimakasih kerana masih ingatkan saya. Dilla ada facebook?

    I'm so glad to have you here Dilla.
    Thanks for still remember me. Anyway,do you have a facebook?
    You can add me if you have.D

  6. ^^Just look like a photo,so nice^^

  7. NICEEE !!!!!....good job !! keep it up !!

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  9. Thanks for the love my great friend. You are a genius of painting. His painting is stunning. It is magnificent! Happy New Years!!!

  10. Nice!! Very Nice!! Good Job Bro....

  11. Happy New Year to my fav illutrator too! good luck on your future endeavours!

  12. @Loong @Eason @Nice Veloso @Anonymous @mia ezami ☚ Thank you

    @Nice Veloso
    I will upload this painting in a full format soon. Glad that you like it.

  13. I wish a very happy new year to all the readers. Though we are all different parts of the world but this is the way we connect which each other, so keep blogging! may this year be prosperous and brings success to all.

  14. Hey bro! Happy new year!
    I just replied late, but I still did , Sorry I just got back from a trip to Cambodia :D So cheers!!

  15. Oh! my friend! I cried reading your message. My middle son was sick at the start of the new year and I got a grandson premature. It's okay now. You my heart rejoice visiting my blog and leaving a beautiful message. Friend is something for saving the left chest. Without even knowing him personally, you are my friend. Distance does not matter, what matters is the heart. Friends forever ... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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