Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oly Lukis Draw Fazrul Arhan

Oly Lukis Draw Fazrul Arhan

Honestly,it was a big surprised to me. I received an email notification on october 27 around 2am from Oly to check my facebook. Oly is my old friend and also my ex officemate while we worked together in Creative Enterprise as an illustrator.

As i always knew he is incredibly super talented when it comes to draw a caricature.That is why the influences of caricature style still strong when he tried to draw me a portrait. As a good caricaturist,Oly understand very well how to tackle the persona.  I believe you would agree with me if you see my real photo that he might use as a reference at here.

Only God knows how grateful i am to received a compliment like this from a great friend..i'm feeling honored.


  1. wow!!!u two r so talented!!!magnificent work! wish someone gve me like that n the future! :))

  2. You deserve all the praise that you and really talented and knows how to be kind to your friends. this is wonderful!

  3. @kpoploveraerian @Nice Veloso ☚ Thank you

    I'll do it for you, just wait:)

    @Nice Veloso
    Ooppss..you did it again:

    Fazrularhan! You deserve all the praise that you and really talented and knows how to be kind to your friends. this is wonderful!

    I'm so proud to have you as my blogger,twitter,facebook and as a loyal friend,Velo! You have a fantastic and beautiful soul:)

  4. ^^Nice portrait.Both of you are talented^^

  5. Amazing! You are crazy talented. Sounds like it was an awesome work experience.

  6. nice fazrul ,,,,,,,,,,,,i like this.....:)

  7. @Loong @Yesta @vanz51 ☚ You are welcome.D

  8. hmm very nice potrait but i like u without the beard better hahahaha :P

  9. I Just found this a few hrs ago while wandering around your site in-studio page . I think your room is nice matches your job, bro. it looks quiet and white which is good. Can't you get enough air into your room? I was just wondering.

    I wish you an awesome weekend

  10. @waliz @Yesta ☚ Thank you

    Some said with beard is much better,lol..haha
    Anyway thanks for your sincere opinion:)

    I always love white wall since last time. Yes,you are right..guess i need to open my window and a small door at balcony especially when i paint in oil..to have a good ventilation,thank you.

    I seldom open my window cause it is hot here in malaysia in a day time. But still to have a good ventilation is very important. My mom will agree 200% with you Yesta:)

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