Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fazrul Arts New Logo

Finally i have my own logo in my blog site. Nothing special about it but i just love it to have one. Do you like it? Well,it doesn't matter if you don't,haha


  1. Hey buddy its really perfect v.nice logo :)

  2. It's a great job, stylish and clean. It's a professional touch too :)

  3. I enjoyed your site, your art and all that you offer. I am your follower for LIFE and I am your FAN: Jackie Paulson USA FAN! ♥

  4. @Awais @fullet @Jackie Paulson ☚ Thank you

    @Jackie Paulson
    How wonderful my life is to have you in my blog Jackie!
    I'm feeling honored,thank you so much. D

  5. It's wonderful, Fazrul. Very professional and refined.

  6. I always wanted to customize my blog but I do not know to do. Your logo is perfect. I like him. Admired you for your Skin sensitization. The portrait of his grandfather, very good. He seemed to be a serious person and great generosity. Congratulations on your talent. You're a beautiful person inside.

  7. @nothingprofound @Nice veloso ☚ Thank you

    @Nice veloso
    You can always customize your blog using HTML.
    That is what i'm using now.
    Yup, he is a serious person but wait till you here some of his jokes..i bet you would love it,haha

  8. Hi friend, congrats for your very nice site.. you're so talented!
    And also thanks for your visit and comment left.
    Come back anytime, you're welcome in my blog.
    Wish you a happy weekend!

  9. Congratulations on your new logo, mate! Less is more comes to mind when I see this, it simple yet has a strong appeal, thumbs up

  10. Wow...it's a cool for your new logo... very modern and futuristic.

  11. Fazrul Arhanes is a professional artist and an artist based in Malaysia. He is also founder of fazrularts.com.

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  12. I do not understand HTML. my friend! Haha ...