Sunday, September 19, 2010

Uncle Ayah Ngah

A Portrait Drawing Of Ayah Ngah

My gift to uncle Ayah Ngah on our visited to his house on the second day of hari raya last saturday. You won't believe if i tell you how much i enjoyed rendered on his white mustache...which is his unique identity.


  1. Amazing work! He must be very happy with this gift. His face expression looks so true and his mustache says a lot too :)

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  3. Amazing and perfect work yet again from you Bro!
    The details in this are absolutely perfect. I like The hair,looks amazing and looks exactly as it should.

    Keep up the great job!

  4. It's great the way they fade into focus from the left, and reading about the focus on the personal aspect is good too. I'm sure he's happy to have this as a gift.

  5. @fullet @Yesta @C.Bosco ☚ Thank you

    I'm glad that he did.

    I love the hair and mustache part too. It gave a contrast too the dark background.

    Ooh you look at it in a pair of an artist eyes,love it!

  6. This is such a nice portrait drawing and I like that you have given this gift to your uncle.He must be proud for your.Your work is really good.

  7. Hi Fazrul! Yes, his white mustache is great! But also his hair, his eyebrows and even the checkered shirt, I loved it!

  8. It's great the way they fade at the focal point, left, and read a personal dimension to focus on is good too. I am sure he is happy that this is a gift.

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  9. @London Escort Agencies @Vania Moreira @Steve ☚ Thank you

    @Vania Moreira
    I'm glad that you loved it Vania. D

  10. Salam Bro...
    Lama x update berita. Hw r u? Yr skill, still great!!! Keep it up cz mybe I hve a projct 4 u in short coming!!! Tq.
    ASP MRosni

  11. @Jeffrey ☚ Thank you Dr

    @ASP MRosni
    Salam.I'm fine here,thank you.
    A bit busy lately & that's why slow updated..lol
    Anyway,can't wait to see you again mr Rosni.
    Let's keep in touch :)

  12. What a wonderful artist you are! I feel as if the actual person is sitting in front of me. I love the thoughtful, but relaxed expression on his face.

  13. Hey buddy its awesome love it :)

  14. Visit the blog and watch the news. Do not get angry my friend!

  15. @nothingprofound @Awais @Nice Veloso ☚ Thank you

    @Nice Veloso
    Oh my God,just can't believe on what i've seen on this:

    Meu amigo fazrularhan! Um artista de grande talento.

    so much appreciated Velo!!

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