Saturday, August 28, 2010

Traditional Festive Foods

Traditional Festive Foods In Malaysia

I paint this nearly two months ago for Pos Malaysia commissioned by Hazel Design. They need the illustration as a decor for their first day cover envelope. And the stamp itself was illustrated beautifully by a local artist Abdul Rahim (Yem).

Original First Day Cover Envelope

Credit: Hazel Design Sdn Bhd and the team. Special thanks: Yunny ( designer of the project )


  1. WOW super gorgeous! good job for sure:)

  2. Good concept - i.e. making it appear as one plate - but imo it would be nice to see the edges between the quarters blurred a bit; they would still be distinct, but there would be less thematic contrast between them. What's the medium?

  3. @Vic @C.Bosco ☚ Thank you

    Agree with you. So the edges would not look so sharp. I love a comment like this Bosco. I used acrylic wash with a light photoshop work for glazing and enhancing. D

  4. I'd love to have a print like that hanging in my kitchen! Gorgeous and yummy! Good job! - G

  5. I like the contrast of colors and textures, and love the theme: food! :) I have everything to learn about traditional Malaysian cuisine but it seems healthy and so yummy!

  6. @Georgina Dollface @fullet ☚ Thank you

    And you should try satay sometimes,i bet you would love it. D

  7. Still lifes are not easy.
    But you have succeeded here because I now feel hungry. :D

  8. Wow you painted that awesome it looks so life like you've done a great job wow i still can't get over how great it is. I love it it's beautiful

  9. WOw....absolutely 1malaysia !!!...i like this concept very much...NOt only chinese indian malay foods but v oso hav nyonya, portugese, org asli,singh and others traditional foods

  10. @Yesta @shonda @Eason @Awais ☚ Thank you

    Knew you are a food lover,oohh..haha ☺☺☺

  11. Wow this looks wonderful.I must say that you have done a great job by painting this food.It just looks real and yes making me hungry.

  12. Hi Fazrul!
    I liked the colors and the texture! Another good job!

  13. wow! like it!!so colorful!!yay!yummy!!! :)
    u really amaze me!
    really love ur works!!
    theyre magnificent!!
    3 thumbs up! :)

  14. @Duo London Escorts @Vania Moreira @kpoploveraerian ☚ Thank you

    @Vania Moreira
    Lol,even my post hunger for your brilliant comments Vania. D

  15. Pinto making it almost two months to Pos Malaysia controlled by Hazel Design. They need the image as a backdrop for its coverage of the first day. And the label itself has been beautifully illustrated by local artist.

  16. I love the contrast of colors and textures and love the theme. I just learned about Malaysian cuisine, but it looks healthy and so delicious.