Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Parents Birthday Gift Delivered

A photo of mr Rosni holding the portrait. Beside him is his closed friend ASP Mohd Fadhil.

Last week on thursday night, I sent the portrait to mr Rosni and we met at Jati Restaurant in PJ area. Commissioned by mr Rosni and his wife and all their family members, the portrait is dedicated to their parents for their anniversary day. We had discussed about the perfect frame to match with the portrait and a lovely part is when he promised to send me a picture of it when its framed.

If you like to see more about the processed of the painting,simply go here. I have made a step by step and got a live commented from mr Rosni himself.


  1. im really speechless about ur piece..
    magnificent artwork!
    love them all.
    ur really one of a kind!
    hope to meet u soon..
    4ever ur fan..:)

  2. Nicely Done all the Time Just Like Always.. You're The Man! :)
    Love this Real Amazing Art Work! Congratulations!

  3. Hi Fazrul! I loved the step by step process of your painting! It's very interesting because I liked all of the steps as if they were the final ones, do you know what I mean? Another interesting detail that I also liked is the colors of the clothes, pink and violet, amazing!
    One question: why all of your models look so calm, relaxed and kind??? Are they really like that or it’s you that are able to extract the best feelings from them???

  4. @kpoplover @Loong @Glanchaser @Vania Moreira @Awais ☚ Thank you

    I'm so proud of you too.
    You are really supportive & encourage me to post more :)

    Glad you like it.

    You are welcome mate! Just can wait to see it framed.

    @Vania Moreira
    Actually the color was recommended by mr Rosni when we met on the first meeting.
    The color is romantic & i love it too.
    I got no idea about that!
    Some said the result influence by the artist mood.
    But as a commercial artist, i put what clients want in a first place.
    Beside, who wanna have a portrait with an anger face..in a normal case?
    You have a sharp eyes and truly observed my dear friend,love it.

    You are welcome.

  5. wee thank u but i think im the one whos said that..
    super proud of you!!
    hope ur just my neighbor
    so that i can disturb u anytime
    to paint this!that!him/her!:)
    make u a very busy one!
    no break :D

  6. @kpoplover
    If we are neighbour,not only you can disturb me anytime..but can be my model as well,haha

  7. ้hi...friend.
    Cheerful with your gift and him loved it.

  8. Salam...
    Jst bck from Kedah. Still didnt collect the painting from the frame shop. I'll e-mail the photo wth frame to u the moment i get it... Tq.
    Hv a nice day!!!

  9. @Wrist man @MRosni ☚ Thank you

    I'll wait for it. I believe it's awesome.
    Thank you & have a nice day too :)

  10. @gata
    A photo of mr Rosni holding the portrait. Beside him is his closed friend ASP Mohd Fadhil :)