Sunday, June 6, 2010

Datuk Nasarudin Idris Is Appointed President MISC

This is not done yet!! It's about 50% to go complete.

A recent commission from Petronas as a gift to Datuk Nasarudin on his farewell day. I was really happy with the photo when I got the email pic from kak D . The pose look casual and charismatic.

Not too worried about what everyone thinks about the final results, while drawing.. i spent the majority of my time squinting my eyes. My objective was to capture the mood and "character".  So today i'll work out on this and hopefully can make it done by tonight before send it to a frame maker on the next day. A dateline is on next wednesday which mean i have 2 days more.


  1. You copy and paste? That's so real.

  2. @KenKen Chew @Loong - Thank you

    @KenKen Chew
    Is it look like copy paste? haha..its a drawing

  3. Hi....my friend.

    I belive in you that it's the drawing,Otherwise.I belive it's just Photoshop. hahaha
    your drawing make me have inspiration.May be I will return to draw my incomplete drawing and I will to show you when I finished. hahah no kidding but I not sure to draw a complete drawing.

  4. wow...It's a nice draw... u have a professional hand to drawing a face

  5. :: staring with a flash view: Wow it Looks really nice!
    :: Staring about a few minutes : Just.. PERFECT!!!!
    Just can feel the perfect Aura again this time.. it's amazing high quality!
    I believe for 1000% when its Done, Everything will Looks Perfect Amazing again!
    Keep up your magic hands dude! Love Your artwork very much! :)

  6. @Wrist man @gata @Glanchaser - Thank you

    @Wrist man
    I'm waiting for you and wish can see it soon.
    I remember you promised me about a weeks ago to show me your old drawing?
    But is ok, take your time..i know its difficult to start back once you leave..oohh

    I'm still learning..wish can do more better,haha

    Oh,what a lovely comment here,haha
    I will send to a frame maker tomorrow and will try to post it here.
    I wish the result would be good..the most important thing to me is a
    'client satisfaction' :)

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  9. Hi Fazrul! You have made not only a great job, but also were able to give Mr. Datuk Nasarudin a younger and more relaxed look, but without taking out his characteristics. Congratulations, my friend!

  10. Wonderful drawing, Fazrul! Truly enhanced the subject.

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