Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Piece Of Portrait And A Poem

Suzana believed this is the best way for her to broadcast her love to her best friend.

She wrote a poem and asked me to add it to the portrait of her friend. Brilliant! A perfect combinations and how lovely her special friend would feel to receive a poem as a birthday gift from Suzana.


  1. nice poem and photo guys... i like it...and i like that's poem...

  2. how lucky of her friend!!!
    great poem!!
    wish im her friend :)
    great job as always!!!

  3. You are such a fantastic and lovely person Dude haha.. Great!
    I Salute you for your Genuine Great Job!

  4. @Glanchaser
    Thank you so much mate, i salute you too:)

  5. What a good idea for a birthday present!
    It's a creative way to demonstrate a deep and real friendship!
    What could be more touching than a beautiful portrait? A portrait with an amazing poem!

  6. Nice idea :)
    and beautiful poem

  7. @Vania Moreira @Awais ☚ Thank you

    @Vania Moreira
    And what is more touching than to get a lovely comment from someone like you :)

  8. It's great the way the concept of not finding words to describe the sentiment is juxtaposed against the image. cheers

  9. Wow that's beautiful your art work is really good i totally love this maybe i should do something like this in remembrance of mom i write poetry and i draw so why not. Aging your work is amazing keep up the good work and keep drawing.

  10. @C.Bosco @shonda ☚ Thank you

    Whenever you've done with the drawing pls let me know.
    I wanna see how you do it,a drawing for your mom with a poet on it.D