Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Parents Birthday Gift

Stage One

I'll work out on this painting as a started on this month. A commission from mr Rosni and his wife and also their family as a gift to their parents birthday anniversary.
This is the first stage of the large 23.5 x 16.5 inches painting portrait i has started. The next stage of the painting will be working on the next day. I'll post it when I can. Its all go here in the studio!

Stage Two
Updated - Step Two posted on Wednesday, May 5, 2010  at 6:50 pm.
In step two i tried to block the color roughly to tackle the mood and composition. I will try to post the next stage by tomorrow.

Stage Three
Updated - Step Three posted on Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 1:40 pm.
Soften the edges and define the clothes. Will focus on facial parts soon.

Stage Four
Updated - Step Four posted on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at 4:00 pm.
Close to final stage and it's about to finish. Now is the time for refine and detail. And this is fun.

Stage Five
Updated - Step Five posted on Sunday, May 23, 2010 at 4:04 pm.
Added the blinking to mom's tudung and enhancing the colors over all. The next stage will be the last one and done!!

Stage Six
Updated - Step Six posted on Thursday, May 27, 2010 at 4:50 pm.
Finally done ! Now is just waiting for the varnish coats to dry..guess two layer is enough, it's shining!!


  1. Salam...
    I thnk at ths point, it shld b ok. The b/g color as per yr suggstion!.. I'll wait 4 the nxt step... Tq!
    Mohd Rosni.

  2. @Mohd Rosni
    This is a color composed stage and i will add the details by tomorrow. The b/g will be soften as well as the main objects. After tone down the skin color, it would be better.

  3. Salam...
    Still waiting 4 the nxt step. Tq.

  4. @Mohd Rosni
    Stage three will be upload this evening. Now i do rendering for the background area and some part of the clothes. Its nearly go to 50% done :)

  5. Salam...
    Its look good. Maybe u can put some blinking on my mom's tudung. Waiting 4 the nxt stage.. Tq.

  6. @Mohd Rosni
    Sure! But i will add that on the last stage when i finished rendering the tudung parts. Thanks anyway :)

  7. Salam...
    Over all, its good! Jst to refer my comment earlier about the blinking on my mom's tudung. I thnk it would b better if u can put some. Tq.

  8. @Mohd Rosni
    Sure,no problem. We can see the blinking on the tudung area on the final stage soon :)

  9. Salam...
    Jst can't wait for the final stage! Nw I hv to thnk wht sort of frame tht will suit to the beautful potrait!... Any idea?

  10. I'll recommend you one of my frame maker shop. They produced only the best crafts. Satisfaction guaranty,haha.
    Work out on final stage soon:)

  11. Salam...
    Ok, then. I'll wait 4 the complete painting. C u...

  12. I love the way you pay so much attention to detail. I've also never seen someone tackle two-person portraits so well. I hope you have a great career!

  13. @Mohd Rosni
    Added the stage 5 and now getting closer to the end.
    Today i will concentrate on facial part and the clothes.
    I'll meet you maybe on wednesday night or thursday whenever you free.

    @Joe Rodriguez Copeland
    Thanks for your kind words Joe.
    I wish you enjoy watching the process it might be a bit slow,
    but next week gonna be done,thank you!

  14. Salam...
    Looks good. I'll c u on wednesday night.

  15. Ok! I will try to post the final work by tomorrow,thank you.

  16. Wow looking nice, well done! :)

  17. not done yet?
    look like its finishd already :)
    great job as usual :)

  18. @Mohd Rosni
    Now is a time for varnishing.
    I need 2 or 3 hours more to make sure it's fully dry so i can add a second layer.
    Anyway,tonight will be ready for delivery. We can meet tonight whenever you free,just text me.

    @linda zhao
    You are welcome

    Almost done but i try to soften the edges and add the details.
    The next stage 6 will be upload today:)

  19. Salam...
    Waiting 4 d 6th stage (finale). I'll cntct u 2nite. Thnx n cgrtulation 4 d good job.

  20. @Mohd Rosni
    Final stage already added. Wish you enjoy with the painting mr Rosni.
    Waiting for your confirmation to meet tonight.

  21. good job bro.....can't wait to see the painting bro...me and all the family really glad to see our parents in that painting...thanks bro...

  22. @azmilazim
    You are welcome.
    I wish that you and all the family members will happy with the result.
    And if you have a time look at my latest post, i posted a picture of mr Rosni with the painting on the night we met.

    Parents Birthday Gift Delivered

  23. You are the GENIUS, bro! I can't help but love your work.