Sunday, May 16, 2010

Latest Commission - Cover Selangkah Ke Alam Jin

My Early Sketch For The Cover

Here is the sketch of my latest book cover commission job. It's might not quite right with all the proportions. I hadn't found the time to draw for a long while so i guess this is the break-in sketch.
If everything go smooth and my editor is happy with this one, i would straightly proceed to the next step which is the coloring part,soon!

Updated ( May 22, 2010 )
Just added all the drawings process to the slide show. You can see it all here now  from the beginning stage to the complete 80% .

The final drawing will be add to a new post later. I would try to get it posted  in the original cover once it get published. Just wait for my updates and thanks for watching mates.


  1. Apikh, wah puokokke wapik tuenan........

    Lam kenal aj buwt masnya.......

    Salam Blogger.......

  2. Beautiful harmony between the images,
    Good luck

  3. @ToPu @Ismail
    I made a new sketch & i guess this one look better:)

  4. hi...fazrul.I would like to know to your inspiration of this illustration?. Or It is about history ?

  5. @Wrist man
    The idea is from editor and i implement it according to what we had discussed. And yes! This is base on a true story back to long time ago.
    If everything is okey,this will be the first cover on its first issue.
    I will update the details about this magazine when i have enough info about it.
    Stay tune Wrist man:)

  6. cool...I will to following your update this illustration. it would be perfectly.

  7. you are so briliant!
    is it a hard sketch? and what book cover is it about (which i assume it's about Urban Legend story).

    by the way, many thanks for the follow, i returning the favor :)
    nice to know you

  8. This is very Unique & very Nice one mate!
    Cant wait for your next Creations!
    cheers! :)

  9. this looks really simple and really good :D.. I would love to see hot it looks in color :)

  10. @Wrist man @Yesta @Ikhsan Marthias @Amogh - Thank you

    @Wrist man
    Oh,that is awesome..a true supported,love it!

    Err,not that hard..ony a matter of time :)
    >> This is a book about a mysterious world base on a true stories. They researched, they interviewed peoples and even visited to the origin places to get the right facts. I guess the result would be awesome.

    @Ikhsan Marthias
    I will try to upload it in a slide show.
    Step by step from the beginning:)

    I'm rendering the color now..and tomorrow have to deliver to my client.
    Its a rush project..aauucchh :)

  11. its nice :)
    first time i saw ur time artwork
    love it:)

  12. well great!
    just proceed your next step then, just wondering how that would be
    keep up the good job!

  13. @kpoplover
    Oh,so proud to have a comment from my twitter friend !
    Thanks for your visited.

    I did it in a rushed. I tried to do my best but sometimes the result was not like what i expected. And i guess this is normal..only a human.

  14. nice picture... u are the best and competent in painting draw

  15. I believe this is the sketch you told me about? I love it, you are truly gifted. I used to be good at art once, but I think my gift left me! I can still paint, though. I'm doing a mural at the moment. Anyway, back to you. I love the way you give directions and show the steps. It's absolutely amazing, and I'm sure it helps a lot of artists who come across your page. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see what's next. I apologize for getting back to you so late, my life is hectic as hell right now! God bless you, sweetheart!

  16. @gata @Amanda Krzywonski ☚ thank you

    @Amanda Krzywonski
    Never abondane what you love to do, Amanda..as long as it can keep you happy,just do it! Never apologize for something you never did wrong, Amanda. Your visited are so much appreciated...Hectic?
    God bless you too..you doing what mural?

  17. ้hi...my friend.
    I turn to see your illustrat update. It's so good.and I followed your slide show that make me excited,great.

  18. @Wrist man
    Thanks for coming back here and i'm glad that you enjoyed the slide show.