Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fazrul Arts On Spotlights

A short,simple and really supportive promotion to my blog from Paul Hm in his blog Hacking The Hacked. I'm feeling grateful of the writing and the blog exposured  in his beautiful site. Thank you Paul.

Here is summaries of the original post from Paul :
Every once in awhile I have the pleasure of stumbling across a fantastic Blogger/Blogspot blog, and this morning I found Fazrul Arts. Fazrul Arts contains the author's outstanding artwork on a customized Blogger template, that is clean, simplistic, and easy to navigate. Please do yourself a favor by read more on the original post (no longer available)

Image screenshot credit to Paul Hm.Learn more about Paul Hm


  1. wow its look pretty cool dude...simple...comfortable too ~~

  2. yea it is really nice when people help us..even my blog was promoted once..it doesnt matter if it creates an impact or not..its really nice people like our blogs and promote it.. :) And you my friend deserve to be promoted..you have got an awesome blog! :D

  3. @ Eason
    Simply make it comfortable just to make sure you visit more often :)

    @ Amogh
    Ooohh..thank you so much.
    Your new blog in wordpress is awesome too.
    Love your transparent navigation bar :)

  4. Infact your love towards ur blog and your great artwork is undoubtely worth recognizing. Good going. I wish you all the best.

  5. As always great works of a great artist. Enter the world of fazrul..congratulations for your promotion!

  6. @ Seema Syed
    Love your words Seema,thank you :)

    @ Reporter online
    Happy..thanks to you my Barcelona friend..cheers :)

  7. It really nice. U are talented.
    Keep it up ;)