Friday, February 12, 2010

Tan Sri Hassan Marican On His Farewell Day

A Portrait Of Tan Sri Hassan Marican

A commission from Education Division Petronas as a gift to Tan Sri Hassan Marican on his farewell day.
I received a call from puan Dzalina herself on last saturday evening just 2 days before the event. She offered me to draw a portrait of a special man,a former president and chief executive officer (CEO) of the petronas. This is a last minutes, but of course the answer was definetly yes! Infact,I'm waiting a chance to get commission to draw this great man. Honestly,i'm a big fan of tan sri himself. I admired his contributed bringing up and transforming Petronas into a strong and profitable company that benefited Malaysians in all forms of subsidies, fiscal policies and economic plans. A big hug from me to kak D, who always have faith on me.Thank you kak D.

A phrase from tan sri himself on his thank you note that i really love :
The Global Championship journey will never end - it continues. Remember,if it ends,it will be the beginning of the end.- Tan Sri Hassan Marican

In Petrosains guess room.

Read more about his farewell day at here
Learn more about a drawing and a new released of edited version at here


  1. Man this is an awesome potrait!..It doesn't look real,it looks something BETTER! good job! ;D

  2. I did some editing on the background part.
    I'm not satisfied with the logo part but no time to change or edit in the original drawing due to the times limited.
    You can see the different at here.

  3. Hello
    This is nice portrait..I am glad that you got a chance to draw a great man Tan Sri Hassan Marican.I really like that you have shared this with us.Thanks for this post.

    m3 real

  4. Thank you Rose,keep coming back here when you are free.
    Your comment are really appreciated :)

  5. Hi Fazrul! You know, it can be by your influence, but I think that the man that I see in your portrait seems to be really a great and special human being! His eyes are trustful and kind, or you Fazrul were able to make me capture all these feelings! What is real, what is art? This is the beauty of you job, to make flourish assumptions and feelings in people's perception.
    By the way, I prefer the second logo as well.

  6. @Vania
    It's not me,it's him :)
    The second logo look more natural and casual.
    Thanks for dropping by Vania.