Friday, February 19, 2010

Ramunia Chairman

A simple pencil color on colored paper with a minor work in photoshop CS3.

One of my commission work on last week. A portrait of Dato' Azizul Rahman Abd Samad is a gift on his birthday from his staffs. This is a very rushed project. Due to the time factor, i have made a finished about 20% more in a car since i went out  to deliver the drawing early morning at 6 a.m..just to avoid a traffic jammed.


  1. feewitt...perfecto sketchaterro tuesclegh qhoqon..
    (hasil kerja yg sangat sempurna di mata saya)
    Nampak macam betul2 Dato' Azizul Rahman Abd Samad tengah mendengar taklimat drpd staffnya.

  2. Very² nice portrait drawing.......suka sangat ngan lukisan yang dilukis oleh pelukis potret ini