Saturday, February 6, 2010

Portrait Photography In 3 Simple Tips

Sharp And Clear
You might ask 'What kind of photos do we need to draw or to paint a portrait?'
Our reply will always be 'a good clear photo'.One that truly captures the personality and character of the subject.
Due to us might not being able to meet you in person, we have to work out on photographs, and these are the only way for us to get to know you or the subject.
And now,with the advantages of digital cameras, its easy to take photos as many as you wish in one session...and come out with at least one or two good photos that you feel really capture your portrait.
Since there's no any processing costs involved with digital photography, better to keep snapping away until you are happy with your results. After all you can just delete them if you don't like ! Still,it's free.

Try to use natural lighting when possible.This is very important.If you are unable to take photos outside, taking pictures by a window is the best choice. The more natural light the better.

The painting or drawing you commission will be displayed on the wall at eye level. So it makes much more sense to be looking straight at your portrait eyes. Photos taken from your portrait eye level will help us to produce a painting or drawing that will look perfect.
Still,if you would like to ask for advice,feel free to contact us at any time.We would love to see your photographs and you are welcome to email them to us for our opinion. We look forward to seeing them soon!


  1. Hello
    As I have said before I am just a beginner in portrait photography as I like this photography very much.You have given very good and useful tips for it and this will be very helpful for me.Thank you very much for such helpful post.


  2. I'm glad that it's helped you rose :)

  3. Fazrul so you are and artist and a photographer? That is a lot of talent good for your.

  4. I'm a full time artist and photography is only my hobby but it became
    a part of my career too.. cause i took my own pics for reference guide when drawing or painting.
    Thank you Californex :)

  5. Waa... so u like photography too=)
    do comment on my shots in my stream flickr la k=)

  6. Photography is always related to my work pjey56.
    It's involved :)