Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Portrait For Commission

I wish this is a good news for those who are searching for an artist to commission a portrait with a reasonable and affordable price.
Finally, i'm happy to say that we would have this service in fazrularts soon.
As some of you already know, i used to worked in a publishing house as an illustrator.  I made an illustrations for book covers, comics, magazines, movie posters,advertising job and a lot's more. And of course i did a commission portrait jobs for personals, friends and corporates as a part time.
What i found interesting about the part time job is, it gave me some oppurtunity and a turning point in my life.
From the amounts of commission portrait job i had, i learned that people love their face to be portraited. I can see it from the smiled on their faces and responded to my work when we met. Slowly, i gained my loyal customers by the time. Thanks to all.
And now,since i started blogging around 3 months ago, i got a lot of questions from some online readers who asked me either i take a commission job. My answer is 'Yes'.
For those who would like to have a portrait commission,you can now simply let me know by fill in the form and email me with your option choice. We have a variety option to be choose from a different style and a different medium. From drawing to painting. From traditional to digital work. All of it you can find it here in just one place.
For a meantime,wait for the details info about this service soon.


  1. Thank you..more services will come out soon,stay tune :)

  2. waaa... nice la=)good luck k.
    sy stdy lg kat uia=)
    photography hobby sy je...
    emm ble ckp my passion la jgk=) tq k for ur nice words=)

  3. @ pjey56
    UIA? wow..nice!!
    All the best & good luck :)

  4. Hello
    Its interesting to know about a Portrait fro commission.Its really good.I must say that you are doing a good job.Thank you very much for informing about this.

    m3 real

  5. @ rose
    No problem. I'm still work out to make it much easier to acsess.
    Everything i made myself,that is why it's a bit slow,haha.

    @ LYNSEY
    If you love it,i can smile all day long..it's really amazing to have a praise from a great writer..thanks to you.