Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reverie By Etier The Photographer

One of my painting Demi Kasih Demi Sayang was choosen by Etier to be write on his own blog.
I'm impressed. Honestly, i love his brilliant photography works especially in his black and white series. And to have his writing upon my painting is a great honor to me.Thank you Etier.
Here is some part of the articles by him . I believe you will like it as much as i do. Please drop some thought on the post and let me know what is your opinion. Enjoy.

Title : Reverie
Had I been asked to title this work, I would have chosen "Reverie". The setting reminds me of a New Orleans courtyard and the subject appears relaxed enough to be lost in a daydream although the expression could be anger or annoyance as much as contemplation. She is focused on something that we cannot see. I doubt we would have seen it had we been there. This is a mood evoked from the "flash upon that inward eye" of something she clearly sees and feels strongly about. Perhaps she has done something with... read more

FCEtier is a photographer base on Canton, NC of the United States.
More of his work can be seen and purchased here 
Etier's Blog


  1. i visited the post of Etier and i think thats its really wonderful; we are a great works!...always followed this good...best reguards!

  2. Thanks for the visited Reporter : )
    I'm glad that you like it..it's a great writing from him.
    Best regards for you too ..cheers.

  3. Great work. Was spell-bound with your art work.

  4. Congratulations for Etier's review! I visited Etier's blog and saw that besides writing a good review of your painting, he also put the links to your sites Fazrul! This is great! I saw also, in his blog, that you are largely self taught, what makes you work even better!

  5. @ Seema Syed
    Thanks Seema..it's a great review.

    @ Vania Moreira
    Thanks for your time visited & as what i guess,you would like it.
    Yes,he did a great supported on me..that is a kind of him :)

  6. Hello
    I have just seen your painting and I really like it very much.I do appreciate you
    for this.Its good to know Etier's review.Thank you for such nice post.


  7. Rose,you are always supporting. Thank you :)