Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Family Portrait And A Sunday Break

My sunday break

My sunday work. A family portrait of my very own brother and his wife and two of their childrens.
Daily working and almost 24 hours in studio, I took this as a break for me cause i don't feel like working when i worked on something that i love. It just like having fun for me.
I enjoy rendering the portrait of peoples. Especially if draw someone that i already knew cause it's much easier to catch the persona and their  characters when i meet them live. Anyway, i still have 20% to go to add some color and  the details to complete this..i wish my brother would like it.


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  2. Hello
    I am just learning portrait photography and I enjoy this photography.Its a nice portrait of family.Thank you for this good post.


  3. You know Fazrul, I have the ability of drawing things in general, such as objects, animals, fruits, plants, landscapes, etc., but I can't draw people, and I don't know why!!! Because of this I admire who is able to do it, and do it well, like you!

  4. @ rose
    Learning photography is really fun..will be more fun if we can work out something related to what we've taken :)

    @ Vania Moreira
    It's already good if you can draw 'things in general'.
    Do not worry if you can't draw people..you can always leave it to me,
    i will happy to help you at any time,haha.

  5. Great painting buddy really nice :)