Friday, October 30, 2009

I Love To Be An Artist,But I Have No Talent

Just don't tell me that you never heard it before?
As for me who make a living in arts,i've met so many peoples who told me they love to be an artist but they just don't have a talent at all.
However, i always believe that talent is not the most important attribute we need to become an artist. More important than talent is desire!
The willingness to spend the time and make the effort.To draw and paint until it becomes a part of us. And yet, desire alone is still not enough.
This is not only about the way we approach our art but more on how we view ourself. Self-centered and disconnected from the whole world,i believe is the greatest way to limit ourself to grow. Sometime when we look at the world is not happen like what we want it to be. We are living in a cruel world, so much depressed ..betrayed..envy and jealosy.
So instead of overwhelming myself of the negative thought, i prefer not to take it so seriously attitude. It's impossible to make world be just like what we love it..so there's a time we need to be open up to the world we are living. To accept its faults and imperfections. To be open and tolerant of our own imperfections.
I believe there are a lot of very bright people out there.It could be our neighbours, our friends or someone who we don't even know. As long as we keep our eyes and ears wide open for everything, for sure it will help us to develop not only as an artist, but as a human being who sharing the world to live. Over time,through conversations,experiences and practises..it will lead ourself to the place where we wanna be.
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To Commission A Portrait

A commissioned portrait can be a unique gift for someone special.
Whether to mark a birthday, anniversary, celebration, or any other occasion, a commissioned piece of art is truly unique and personal to the person for which it is intended.There are a few things to be considered when you wanna make a commission.First of all:

1. Decide on the picture you want. Find or take some good photographs. This is very important.Why? Because the finished portrait will be greatly influenced by the quality of the photographs supplied. Sadly, all too often people ask for a good portrait from a bad photograph and it is almost impossible to achieve. So, When choosing reference photographs,it should be reasonably large and as sharp and clear as possible. Decide what size you would like your portrait to be.If you already have a wall or display space in mind, make sure the size you choose fits that space.
Start by considering the feel and mood you want your portrait to have. Do you want it to be formal, casual, serious, fun or even romantic? No problem.This all can be done.But what about the background? Do you want it? If so, do you want an indoor or outdoor scene? Should it be a realistic background or something more fantasy like? Either you can bring a separated background photo or just leave it to the artist to make it done for you.

2. Next, decide on a medium. Choose a medium based on the type of look you want for your portrait with consideration of your budget.There's a differ price in a different medium such as acrylic paint,oil,pastel,charcoal or colour pencils.Figure out a range you would like to spend on your portrait.

3. And don't forget to consider also the orientation of the piece. Do you want it to be a vertical or would you prefer a horizontal? I guess this choice can be determined by the nature of the portrait itself.
Either it is a single portrait or a full figure of a person standing,i recommend a vertical style. For more or several people,a horizontal would be the best.

4. Find an artist who can suit your preference style to paint your portrait. Keep in mind that the style is differ from one artist to another.The choice is truly yours.

  • During the painting process,you can ask the artist to email you the stage of the work for you to approve.This will allow you to find and correct things you don't like before they cannot be changed.
  • Often the end result is dependent on a good quality photograph.So make sure you're completely happy with the photograph you send.
Photo model credit to: Hafiz
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

How Much It Will Cost Me To Commission A Portrait?

Some of the favourite question from a clients to every artist who did a commission job for their living including me. A frequently asked question is:

  • If i wanna do a painting portrait in oil about this size how much it will be?
  • How long it will take me to see the final result?
  • Are you sure you can deliver it on time cause this is not about on just hanging it on the wall..this is an event! Nah,do you get what i mean?
  • Do i have to pay a full deposit to place an order?
  • What if i want the artwork without the frame? Is it possible?
  • Do u have a sample of frames that i can choose for?
  • Do u work on pastels?
  • I prefer water color but would it be long lasting?
  • Does the size matter to the prize?
  • I just need a simple sketch about A4 size..is it possible?
  • Can you do it for me for free? (..why not?)
I always love when people asked. It just show that people have their interest on about what you wanna sell. Its normal for people to ask about anything when they have to spend on something what they wanna buy. So, to those who wanna know about my prices,do not worry. I will describe in details including step by step about the procedere soon. I'm not done yet with the gallery section, quite busy this few weeks that i need to rush on my new project.What is my new project? Hmmhh,i guess this is off topic..
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Monday, October 19, 2009

How You Become So Exited About Your Arts?

My fellow friend once came to visit me in my studio. He was a graphic designer ( i said was).
While watching me work out on my painting, suddenly he asked me 'how can you become so exited about what you are doing? I mean you look so enjoy in doing your art?'
I smiled. Not because of i think the question was funny. But it seems like this question has been asked for a many times.
This is my view. Maybe we are looking at art as a good way to spend our time. Instead of just doing it to fullfill a time,why not set our sights on becoming a world class artist? Time will past.Wether we do make the effort or not,we'll not become much younger by the next year.
Making art is the most relaxing, joyous and stimulating way to spend our time. It can be therapheutic as well. There's no secret about it. Once we realize it, our momentum will be unstoppable. And when we learn the skills the right away, it will become a natural part of us. It will stay and remain calmly within us.
I'm not sure wether my friends agree with my opinion, but he returned my answer with his sincered smile. So i  took it as he did.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Appreciation & Farewell Lunch

A painting of encik Syarulnizam

Two years ago, i remember when Encik Syamsi asked me to paint a portrait of Encik Syahrulnizam. He told me that i only had 4 days more to meet the event.
Frankly, its not easy to make a detail painting in acrylic or oil paint in a less than a week time. And i remember after i've done with all the frammed stuff and that, i had only two days left.. really toughed.
Two years have already passed. But every time i look at this copy, i still can't ever imagine how i did it in only two days when sometime it took me about two weeks or maybe a month to finish just one painting.
I remember one said..if you are sincere and honest and give a fully heart with what you are doing, God will never leave you alone.. Instead, He will give His hand to bring you to the place wherever you wanna go in a way you couldn't ever imagine.

Datuk Rosti (right) tried to tell something to encik Syarulnizam about the painting.

Datuk Rosti and Encik Syarulnizam take a closer look at the painting.

Photo credit: Encik Syamsi from Petronas eLearning Solutions.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sentuhan Emas 2008 (Golden Touch 2008)

In their catalogue booklet year 2008,Creative Enterprise Sendirian Berhad or known as CESB have choosed my painting Cerita Cinta for their Sentuhan Emas page. The painting was selected from one of the artwork from book cover produced on the year before.Thanks to CESB for their compliment. I took this as a motivation to myself to improve more cause i always believe a learning process will never meet the end.
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

When Every Minutes Was Counted

Commissioned by Tenaga Nasional Berhad

This is one of my very rushed project. I only be given 2 days to draw the portrait. And as always,i settled out with the frame parts first. Thanks God for lending his hand i could make it done on time. 

The portrait was commissioned by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (Kepong branch). Gratitude to encik Mohd Yusof and encik Din.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Give Thanks To The Great Leader 2

This is a portrait of Tengku Nasariah Tengku Syed Ibrahim. When i'd been given a photo of her as my reference guide, i knew its gonna be amazing. So beautiful. The photo itself already stand as a piece of art. 
A good reference is very important to generate a good mood which  can lead a piece into sucessness.
And if you like to see more like this, simply go to fazrul arts-gallery.

Note: Commissioned by Petrosains as a gift for Tengku Nasariah on 10th anniversary of Petrosains.
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sungai Pengkalan Kubor

Sungai Pengkalan Kubor in water color

I painted this a long time ago when i was twenty years old. This is a scene in kelantan which is my hometown. This river is a cross border to thailand. It take just around seven minutes walk to reach this place from my grandmother house.
I love to work in water color, somehow it gave me some cool feeling like meditation and relaxation to my mind.

Collection: Senator Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin
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Give Thanks To The Great Leader

I love this drawing of Datuk Rosti. The pose is relax and bring some casual look.This is the type of photo that i love to work from.
Since early of the year, i got less work on illustrations for publications but tried to give more focus on doing commercial portrait and painting jobs for corporate and private events such as Retirement Days, Anniversary, Product Launches, Portrait Wedding and various functions. Started to enjoy do stuff like this though.
So those who would like to ask me for a commission, feel free to contact me at here.  Look out for more samples? Simply go here fazrul arts-gallery.

Commissioned by Petrosains as a gift for Datuk Rosti on his retirement day in Petronas.
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Calendar Pos Malaysia

Picture above is my old painting published in calendar 2005 for Pos Malaysia. A small table size calendar contained 12 beautiful illustrations painted by a reknown local artists En. Azman Yusof ( royal painter ), En.Razali Lesut and a few others. The painting is nearly about five years old, as you can see my signature there look different from a current i'm using now.
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

In Studio

Artist In Studio

Finally..after nearly a year since my first post, i made a success to come back here. Guess this is the way i'm trying to convince myself to be more active and productive.

Since now i am a full time artist and working on my own, i believe its gonna be more tough for me in dealing with a time. I love it when the chinese said it best : 'every great journey begins with a single step'.  
Let me show you the place where i spent almost the whole of my times..my simple studio work. Well i know it's not huge in size but comfortable enough for me to work out all day long.
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