Friday, December 18, 2009

A New Look On My Gallery Site

Time passing and it's been a month since my last post here. I've been really busy, painting a lot of paintings, private commissions, paintings for upcoming project, for books and so on. I will be able to share some of what I have been working on very soon.
And at the same time i'm still work out on designing my blog site. As what you can see, if you type http://www.gallery.fazrularts.com it will no longer bring you to the page you used to visit before. It will redirect you to the new webpage that totally look 100% differents from the old version. Much easier to view with easy click to go from one pic to another. So where is the old gallery blog pages?

Do not worry, i never make it disable from my blog page,instead..i gave a new name on it.Click Fazrul Arts Portfolio and you can see it all with the very same contents.The portfolio site is the place where i will upload my new drawings or artworks with details info compared to the gallery site which is only a simple images in thumbnails style.But why should i make two different concept page with nearly a same contents instead of one? Because i believe this is the best way to save my readers time by giving them an option to choose either to view it in a simple thumbnails or go details with the blog style .

As we all knew, some people they are always on the move and times are always not on their side.


  1. Gr8 job. I envy your comprehension and representation of art and easthetic. Your selection and presentation in the context of information visualization is far greater than mine.

    Keep up.

  2. Thank you so much for your appreciation hyderabadiz team! I believe everybody have their own uniqueness and style. You got your own style that i'm adore too : )

  3. Hi, This my first time visit to your gallery...well it is very interesting..excellent paintings. Bye the way if you may, I would like to email my old friend azman yusof but I don't have his email..if you can help. I've known him since 40 yrs ago and thats the last time we met. My email: mdrashid@uthm.edu.my