Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009 & My Last Paintings

This is not done yet & i guess it's around 30% more to meet completion

Probably this would be my final works for year 2009.
I painted this for an upcoming comic covers for a new graphite novels that would be launch and publish by a True Story Publishing soon.

But what is  interesting about this comic is not only for their shining full color illustrated but the storyline itself which is based on a true story. And if you are interested in learning more about the Islamic revival, there's no doubt this comics is absolutely for you.

According to Haji Hassan as the founder of the publishing house, the first package containing of the three issues will be release in january 2010.I'll try to get more details from Haji himself when i submit this paintings to him by next week.


  1. You have an exquisite taste when it comes to creating your artwork. I am grateful for the opportunity to know, will be a pleasure to continue his work, I'll come back to haunt the magic that follows his work. Happy new year again ...

  2. Thank you so much ONUBIUS. I really appreciated with your feedback to my post and your compliment to my work. Its great to know someone who has a generous feeling like you..happy new year to you too..may the years coming will be a wonderful time for all of us : )

  3. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.
    Thank you for following my blog on Google.
    I am now following your wonderful blog.
    Let's keep in touch.

  4. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones too.
    Your support is always appreciated. Let's keep on moving
    and get the full enjoyment of the blogging.
    Have a nice day Multi : )

  5. Your blog is beautiful and so is also your art. I'm glad I have found your blog and I have subscribed too. I admire also your decision to make your doing art to a full time job! Great decision and I wish you luck and success in 2010!

  6. It's a big honor to me to have you as a subscriber,Susanne.Thank you so much. Frankly,it's a tough decision to make art as a living but i love to have a challenge in my life to get what i really want. And, with a supporting friend like you,i believe nothing is impossible. I wish you good luck too..can't wait to see your new artworks Susanne.

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  8. Hi Fazrul... You seem to be a great artist! Nice to meet and follow you...
    Note: First I thought that you might be a muslim Turk like me when I saw you on my Google Friends before learning that you're from Malaysia:)) Your name seems like (a little) Turkish names.

  9. Hi sihirliyazilar..nice to meet you too!
    Well,i'm not a great artist. Just a simple guy who make a living in arts as a full time job : ).Yes,i'm a malay muslim guy and genuinely from Malaysia..it's surprising me that you are muslim too.
    Turki is a great country and i wish i can go there once.
    Anyway,keep in touch my friend.
    May God bless you..always!

  10. HI, its so wonderful liked very much!...GREAT! we follow to reead an i continue to see this magnific blog! all the best for you my friend; greetings from BARCELONA!

  11. @ Reporter online
    Thank you so much..nice to have a great comment from BARCELONA : )

  12. OMG dude...supporter here ~~~ im proud of u ~~~~ YOur art is so beautiful n im so enjoying~~~ remember ''ATTITUDE''

  13. Yes..please remember the word "ATTITUDE".
    If you read this article I Love To Be An Artist once again,you will get what i really mean.
    Thanks anyway Eason..it's nice to see you again.