Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Knowing When To Stop

Thinking back of the past, i admit one of my greatest problems as an artis was to know when to stop !
This happens most of  the time when my painting getting close to the final stage. There comes a time when revised my work, i     began to edit it away again and again. And why is this happen? I believe it's came from my deeper fears.. worried about what others may think.. fear of criticsm and rejections..fear of anything anyone might say will not satisfied my needs..so i worked and reworked to get my painting just into acceptable from others.
As the time passed..and i became more proficient..this thought and feeling slowly disappeared. There's a time when i start to develop the sensibility in my own mind, i won't have to think about it to make use of it.It will be as natural within me.
Knowing when to quit is a skill that comes with experience and knowledge. For me it comes when i know that not another stroke i could add to my painting will enhance it. Every time my painting nears completion, i   will ask my self if the stroke i'm about to add will bring advance to the painting or..maybe even moving it away from completion? Sometimes,we may too involved with our painting to know when it's completed.
That's why when the doubts start to reach my mind, i will totally stop! I know it's a great time for me to leave my easel and grab some dvds.

From my experiences,i found that this two will help me efficently to know when to stop.
  1. .Ask someone with perspective eye to look over and give some advice or comment before you go on with the final touch.
  2. Put the painting aside for a few days before deciding whether it's finished.This often worked for me.Separating ourselves from the emotional feeling in the artwork and returning after a while to view it can help prevent overworking it.

Anyway,this is only my opinion based on my own experience.It might not suitable with others..yet,the best thing is still to explore and try to find the best way to match with your own charactor.


  1. im not an artist but sometimes even I feel I over-do some of my school projects...wish u luck! :)