Friday, October 30, 2009

To Commission A Portrait

A commissioned portrait can be a unique gift for someone special.
Whether to mark a birthday, anniversary, celebration, or any other occasion, a commissioned piece of art is truly unique and personal to the person for which it is intended.There are a few things to be considered when you wanna make a commission.First of all:

1. Decide on the picture you want. Find or take some good photographs. This is very important.Why? Because the finished portrait will be greatly influenced by the quality of the photographs supplied. Sadly, all too often people ask for a good portrait from a bad photograph and it is almost impossible to achieve. So, When choosing reference photographs,it should be reasonably large and as sharp and clear as possible. Decide what size you would like your portrait to be.If you already have a wall or display space in mind, make sure the size you choose fits that space.
Start by considering the feel and mood you want your portrait to have. Do you want it to be formal, casual, serious, fun or even romantic? No problem.This all can be done.But what about the background? Do you want it? If so, do you want an indoor or outdoor scene? Should it be a realistic background or something more fantasy like? Either you can bring a separated background photo or just leave it to the artist to make it done for you.

2. Next, decide on a medium. Choose a medium based on the type of look you want for your portrait with consideration of your budget.There's a differ price in a different medium such as acrylic paint,oil,pastel,charcoal or colour pencils.Figure out a range you would like to spend on your portrait.

3. And don't forget to consider also the orientation of the piece. Do you want it to be a vertical or would you prefer a horizontal? I guess this choice can be determined by the nature of the portrait itself.
Either it is a single portrait or a full figure of a person standing,i recommend a vertical style. For more or several people,a horizontal would be the best.

4. Find an artist who can suit your preference style to paint your portrait. Keep in mind that the style is differ from one artist to another.The choice is truly yours.

  • During the painting process,you can ask the artist to email you the stage of the work for you to approve.This will allow you to find and correct things you don't like before they cannot be changed.
  • Often the end result is dependent on a good quality photograph.So make sure you're completely happy with the photograph you send.
Photo model credit to: Hafiz