Friday, October 30, 2009

I Love To Be An Artist,But I Have No Talent

Just don't tell me that you never heard it before?
As for me who make a living in arts,i've met so many peoples who told me they love to be an artist but they just don't have a talent at all.
However, i always believe that talent is not the most important attribute we need to become an artist. More important than talent is desire!
The willingness to spend the time and make the effort.To draw and paint until it becomes a part of us. And yet, desire alone is still not enough.
This is not only about the way we approach our art but more on how we view ourself. Self-centered and disconnected from the whole world,i believe is the greatest way to limit ourself to grow. Sometime when we look at the world is not happen like what we want it to be. We are living in a cruel world, so much depressed ..betrayed..envy and jealosy.
So instead of overwhelming myself of the negative thought, i prefer not to take it so seriously attitude. It's impossible to make world be just like what we love it..so there's a time we need to be open up to the world we are living. To accept its faults and imperfections. To be open and tolerant of our own imperfections.
I believe there are a lot of very bright people out there.It could be our neighbours, our friends or someone who we don't even know. As long as we keep our eyes and ears wide open for everything, for sure it will help us to develop not only as an artist, but as a human being who sharing the world to live. Over time,through conversations,experiences and practises..it will lead ourself to the place where we wanna be.