Monday, October 19, 2009

How You Become So Exited About Your Arts?

My fellow friend once came to visit me in my studio. He was a graphic designer ( i said was).
While watching me work out on my painting, suddenly he asked me 'how can you become so exited about what you are doing? I mean you look so enjoy in doing your art?'
I smiled. Not because of i think the question was funny. But it seems like this question has been asked for a many times.
This is my view. Maybe we are looking at art as a good way to spend our time. Instead of just doing it to fullfill a time,why not set our sights on becoming a world class artist? Time will past.Wether we do make the effort or not,we'll not become much younger by the next year.
Making art is the most relaxing, joyous and stimulating way to spend our time. It can be therapheutic as well. There's no secret about it. Once we realize it, our momentum will be unstoppable. And when we learn the skills the right away, it will become a natural part of us. It will stay and remain calmly within us.
I'm not sure wether my friends agree with my opinion, but he returned my answer with his sincered smile. So i  took it as he did.