Sunday, October 25, 2009

How Much It Will Cost Me To Commission A Portrait?

Some of the favourite question from a clients to every artist who did a commission job for their living including me. A frequently asked question is:

  • If i wanna do a painting portrait in oil about this size how much it will be?
  • How long it will take me to see the final result?
  • Are you sure you can deliver it on time cause this is not about on just hanging it on the wall..this is an event! Nah,do you get what i mean?
  • Do i have to pay a full deposit to place an order?
  • What if i want the artwork without the frame? Is it possible?
  • Do u have a sample of frames that i can choose for?
  • Do u work on pastels?
  • I prefer water color but would it be long lasting?
  • Does the size matter to the prize?
  • I just need a simple sketch about A4 size..is it possible?
  • Can you do it for me for free? (..why not?)
I always love when people asked. It just show that people have their interest on about what you wanna sell. Its normal for people to ask about anything when they have to spend on something what they wanna buy. So, to those who wanna know about my prices,do not worry. I will describe in details including step by step about the procedere soon. I'm not done yet with the gallery section, quite busy this few weeks that i need to rush on my new project.What is my new project? Hmmhh,i guess this is off topic..