Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Appreciation & Farewell Lunch

A painting of encik Syarulnizam

Two years ago, i remember when Encik Syamsi asked me to paint a portrait of Encik Syahrulnizam. He told me that i only had 4 days more to meet the event.
Frankly, its not easy to make a detail painting in acrylic or oil paint in a less than a week time. And i remember after i've done with all the frammed stuff and that, i had only two days left.. really toughed.
Two years have already passed. But every time i look at this copy, i still can't ever imagine how i did it in only two days when sometime it took me about two weeks or maybe a month to finish just one painting.
I remember one said..if you are sincere and honest and give a fully heart with what you are doing, God will never leave you alone.. Instead, He will give His hand to bring you to the place wherever you wanna go in a way you couldn't ever imagine.

Datuk Rosti (right) tried to tell something to encik Syarulnizam about the painting.

Datuk Rosti and Encik Syarulnizam take a closer look at the painting.

Photo credit: Encik Syamsi from Petronas eLearning Solutions.